I know the difference between good leather and GREAT leather growing up at Treefine Hereford Farm where we raised beef cattle and lots full of steers at the old Fry place.  This is the PERFECT “fit and finish” leather….not too soft and not too stiff. 


Zepp's All American Outdoorsman Belt


The best quality, best looking, most comfortable 1 ½ " wide belt with your choice of a really cool looking, 100% pewter dog, wildlife, furbearer or fish on the belt keeper. Wear it to church, while cutting wood or out hunting! One great looking, super durable belt!

You can wear these 1 ½” wide belts to church, while doing choirs, stringing a line of snares, holding up your britches in the duck blind, following your favorite hound or bird dog, fishing or anything else you can think of!



Choose your 100% pewter piece to add to the belt keeper!

















Size 34 – 54

$60.00 – Square, D-buckle
$65.00 – Round Buckle

Buckle Shape


Note:  I worked in the outdoor clothing business for many years and found out a lot of folks order their belt too small.

As a general rule, only order your pants waist size if you have no belly!  I recommend using a tape measure and running it through the belt loops in your pants and measuring your waist that way.  If you hit an even number, order that size.  If you measure an odd number, always move up.   This belt will last you a lifetime and all of us want you to get the correct size on the first shipment!

Our belts will measure whatever size you request, from the buckle to the first hole of the belt, so you will have several  inches of adjustment!




Big Marks Favorite Leather Padded Rifle Sling

Water Buffalo!! The toughest, top quality Water Buffalo hide, hand sewn, padded with quality swivels. Great for that special persons rifle or shotgun and proudly stamped with our logo!

$39.00 – Leather sling and logo
$49.00 – Monogrammed Sling – Maximum of 15 letters.
Leather Sling
Monogram up to 15 characters

No returns



The toughest, most durable, top quality leather holster you can buy for your Alpha or Astro.

Allows you to charge your unit, use your touch screen and training buttons or tracking buttons without removing your handheld from the holster!

Brass Scissor snap allows you to quickly attach to your leash, saddle or anything else.

Absolutely the very best, top quality holster available for your unit!


Zepp's Alpha Holster


Designed specifically for your Alpha and allows you to easily see and use your screen, reach your on/off button, push your correction buttons and charge your unit without taking it out of the holster. Best holster on the market for your valuable piece of equipment! Top quality leather and brass scissor snap - American Made





Zepp's Astro Holster


Designed specifically for your 220, 320 and 430 Astro! Use your tracking buttons and charge your 430 without taking it out of the holster.  Best holster on the market for your valuable piece of equipment!Top quality leather and brass scissor snap - American Made


Specify Astro or Alpha



In 1997, while living out of my van, somewhere in Wyoming, I woke up, looked out the window, and found my van surrounded by hundreds of buffalo. I remember it as if it were yesterday even though it was close to twenty years ago already….and I have loved and appreciated Bison leather since then.

I am super proud of these note books.  They are great for taking notes in a business setting or around the house. Beautifully hand crafted with two small pockets for business or credit cards.

A great idea for that special guy or gal in your life who is hard to shop for! No, my prized pen not included!





Yeti Bottles and Bison Leather Cases


Supreme quality American Bison Leather, brass scissor snaps, handle and padded shoulder strap make these Yeti Themos cases a great gift idea! Camping, hunting, tailgaiting just got easier! These cases fit your Yeti Ramber thermos perfectly! 18oz, 32oz or 64oz.  Look at options for Yeti Bottles, Bison Leather Cases or get a discount for the package.


Yeti Bottle Sizes



Yeti Cups


Yeti Cup Sizes