Zepp’s Rattler

The #1 copied Predator Call in the U.S. by all of the “Big Boys” since I introduced it to the predator calling market in 2003. See for yourself why every major call manufacture copied our idea but “cheapened” it by using plastic or wood.

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Lanyard included.

Zepp’s Cat Rattle’r

Just like our original Rattler, but higher pitched to be slightly more appealing to those high dollar bobcats, but, don’t worry…… coyotes and fox and all other predators love the sound this call produces as well.
CNC machined, dual reed, patented coating. A bargain!
Big time seller since we introduced it in the Winter of 2009.
Lanyard included.

Zepp’s Badlands Gunner

#1 Rated open reed production call. Great for rabbit distress, coyote vocalizations, doe bleats, ki-yi’s, squeaks, chirps and all high and low pitch sounds attractive to predators.

This is CNC machined open reed call – It is not a plastic injection molded call but only costs a few dollars more than one. Treat yourself to this high quality, coyote killin’ machine.

Lanyard included.


Or get the "Combo pack" with DVD and Badlands Gunner for $30.00
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Zepp’s 1080

If you are thinking of buying this call or just bought it, "Thank you and welcome to the Family."

Serious coyote hunters always say the same thing to me, "You guys make the best stuff!" . We aren't a a big corporately owned duck call or deer call operation looking to cash in on the recent predator calling boom, we simply make calls for predators and... Read More


Zepp’s Fox-Bobcat-Coyote Getter

Top quality closed reed call perfect for beginners and experienced callers. Not as loud as our Rattlers but a nice, attractive pitch for all predators.

CNC machined one at a time here in the United States.

Lanyard included.

Zepp’s M-44 Predator Call

One of the “easiest blowing” calls on the market and the only plastic injection molded predator call we offer for sale. It has a deep, courser sound when blowing straight through it, what most guys would think of as jackrabbit or fawn distress sounds. But…. if you cup your hands over the end, it makes a higher pitch. If you cup your hands over the end and flutter your tongue while blowing, it makes great bird distress sounds. This is a deadly cat, coyote, fox and lion killer.

Easy to use and will become one of your favorites.



Mark Zepp’s Little Big Horn
– A Coyotes Last Stand

Small call with BIG volume initially thought of while on a Springtime denning hunt in Wyoming and Montana with my buddies Allen Alderson and Jim Smith.

This is a very load call and by far the

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Bargain priced.

Lanyard included.

Zepp’s Kill Pole Howler

I have years in the designing and thousands and thousands of dollars in the production of our Kill Pole Howler.
It will make all of the plastic howlers you’ve used feel like “toys” and most of the others feel inferior.
Better yet, no more headaches or “seeing stars” after blowing it. So many of today’s howlers are difficult to use, require lots of

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Zepp’s Lanyard

Somewhere around 2001, I ran across a nice guy by the name John Bolen while working Game Fair, an outdoor show in Anoka, Minnesota. His company was Bolen Callin' Strings and he made excellent lanyards. Most of them were designed for water fowlers and, in my opinion, too cumbersome and uncomfortable for me and most predator callers, Read More


Zepp's Lanyard
Zepp’s Big Cat Mountain Lion Rattler

In 2008, Gary Keller from Michigan and I became the first predator callers in the world to call, kill and film a Mt. Lion on our DVD, Free Grass and No Fences. It was a special moment to say the least! The Big Cat Rattler, along with an FX3, produced by our friends and sponsors at Foxpro, brought in an 80 pound female for an unforgettable moment. This is your chance to buy a proven Lion killing call.



Zepp’s Prickly Pig Javelina Call

The best quality, loudest, superior sounding javelina call on the market. Two specially designed reeds, tuned to perfection, produce an irresistibly sweet sound to javelina.

Lanyard included.



Proven effective to call in Monster Bucks.   Super simple to use and makes a variety of perfect pitch buck and doe vocalizations.




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