Coon Squallers

Great Products for Hunting Dog owners, Predator Callers and Outdoor Folks

Great Products for Hunting Dog owners, Predator Callers and Outdoor Folks

  • The #1 selling coon squaller in the United States. The only one with a Lifetime Warranty on the reeds, lanyard and anodized aluminum body! A top-quality lanyard is included.

    World and National Champion Coon Hunters use it, swear by it, and recommend it to others!!

    CNC precision machined call body with three, precisely hand-tuned reeds give it a life like squall and coon growl.

    Add a Zepp’s Hat for only $10!

    Seven colors to choose from!

    Available in: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red

  • Our Zepp’s Payoff™ Coon Squaller represents an industry best. a.) It is 100% swirl acrylic, which makes it very expensive to make and gives each call its own unique look. No two of them will look exactly alike….and YES, they are 100% American made, here in our shop. b.) Anybody with an honest open mind would agree these are prettiest acrylic squallers ever produced. If you compare them to anything else similar in price, this squaller should cost over $200.00. The fit, finish and attention to detail is not like anything else ever produced in our sport. Each call is precision milled in our CNC machine and then hand buffed one at a time to bring out the color and luster. c.) There are four laser engravings on each squaller. Two raccoon engravings, our Zepp’s Coon Squaller logo, and the name of the squaller, “The Payoff”. d.) Users can easily replace the reed block in the squaller. This “block” will fit several other squallers on the market as well, so if you can’t get a hold of those folks you can order them from us. e.) Double rubber o-rings to ensure maximum hold keeping your call together during the toughest of conditions yet easily allows you to change your reeds when needed. f.) It is super realistic sounding. It has an extra-large sound chamber on the top half and twice the “horn” or “speaker” on the bottom half of anything similarly priced giving it more volume than other two reed squallers. This attention to details give it nicer “ring” and louder sound.
  • I love this squaller! Cup your hands over the end and let her rip! Great sound, lots of volume. Top quality lanyard is included. Four Colors to choose from in the drop down menu below.
  • Great Sound!

    Dual reed, polycarbonate call.

    Lanyard is included.

    Add a Zepp’s Hat for only $10 when you buy any Squaller!

  • Call in you dogs with this 10" great-looking, super durable brass horn.  It is LOUD yet the perfect size to conveniently store in a large coat pocket, back or fanny pack, up on the dash of your truck or even wear around your neck if need be. Your dogs will be able to hear this from long distances.
  • Many manufacturers sell their reed kit with a cheap, inexpensive, poor quality, plastic injector rod. Our commitment to quality won’t allow us to do that! You get a CNC machined aluminum reed injection rod which will work on our Lifetime Coon Squallers and Rattler Predator Calls and 6 hand-tuned reeds as well as a wooden dowel to help change the reed blocks in our River Bottom, Plus Points and Pay Off Coon Squallers. These reeds work great for most squallers and calls on the market today.
  • No man has worked harder for houndsmen’s rights or dedicated more of their life to the sport of coon hunting than Steve Fielder. This book is an interesting read and includes some of the history of our sports rules and Steve's background which included a lifetime of work for three different hound registry’s, UKC, PKC and AKC. I am proud to call Steve Fielder a friend of mine and our great sport.
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