Everybody needs a booth jack. Actually, everybody needs two or three boot jacks. One for the shop, the mud room in the house, the top of the dog box and the back floorboard of your truck. Well, that makes four and I could find other places for one as well!! Is there anything worse than a long day or night of hunting, or doing an hour of choirs in muddy weather and then struggling to get your boots off?

Our Zepp boot jacks are made by one of the finest finish carpenters in the state of Ohio, my old hunting partner Jay Darr, and milled out of reclaimed barn wood from Coshocton County, God’s country, where the big bucks roam the hills, and I began my coon hunting and predator calling career. Each one is a little different and has its own unique character and history. And then we brand our name into the wood like the days of branding cattle at Treefine Hereford Farm.

Treefine, the Fry farm, the Helmick place, the Buckaloo bottom, the Gruen family, the road past Simon’s, Murder Ridge and Mohawk. Special people and places in my heart and there is some of that love in each of one of these boot jacks.